Reader: Colorado Drivers Pulled Over in Other States Should Get Ready for Drug-Sniffing Dogs

A Comment of the Day post in which a reader floated his idea for pranking pot-obsessed Nebraska State Troopers was deemed inspired and hilarious by some readers, stupid and doomed by others. But it also prompted another tale of pot profiling of Colorado drivers in other states -- in this case, Indiana.

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Judi Thornton writes:

Just yesterday i saw a Colorado plated car get pulled over and the K-9 unit was called.... they were pulled over for a minor traffic violation but the damn Portage, Indiana police had to call the K-9 unit in for no apparent reason other then they had Colorado plates... people from Colorado are getting targeted in other states just because of the new laws there and it's plain and simple harassment of residents from Colorado and i feel this is getting out of hand... poor people of Colorado cannot even take road trips without getting pulled over in other states and that my friends is nuts!!! and not right in so many ways!!!!! I lived in CO for 20 yrs and had to move back to Indiana unfortunately. now my daughter who still lives in CO fears to leave the state with her vehicle because she might get pulled over just because she lives in CO... i am furious with these moron police..this beats racial profiling all to hell.. an entire state of people are afraid to leave their state, they will be targeted and pulled over.... this must stop!!!!!!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.