A protest on the Auraria campus.
A protest on the Auraria campus.
Courtesy Elizabeth Renee Fajardo

Reader: Colorado Has Always Been a Sanctuary State

As discussion of President Donald Trump's immigration policies heats up, so does the debate over whether Denver is a sanctuary city — especially now that news of Jeanette Vizguerra seeking shelter in a local church has gone national. Says Camille: 

To all who have recently moved here: Colorado is and will always be a sanctuary city no matter what. We love and respect people here, including immigrants, illegals and refugees. We know what it means to have empathy unlike maybe the state you moved here from.  That's Colorado culture, join us or MOVE ON.

Responds Luke: 

Legal citizens should be rallying to crack down on the sanctuary policies that make Denver a national leader in illegal residents. It puts the whole city at risk of crime. It will take Trump cutting federal funding for the delusional utopian mayor and governor to wake up.

Then there's this from Henry: 

Remember, all these white people are also immigrants. This land used to be for Native Americans and all these dumb people came in and took it away. Do you guys need a history lesson ? If you don't like it, move somewhere. We are sanctuary state and we are proud of it.  Because we are immigrants doesn't mean we are all illegal. I am an immigrant myself, but I am a naturalized citizen. 

What do you think about Vizguerra's move? Is Denver a sanctuary city? Should it be?

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