Reader: Colorado hater is an idiot -- but he makes a few good points

We're still getting reactions to our post earlier this month about a travel writer who called Colorado the fifth most overrated travel destination and said Denver is weird and bland. Amid the vitriol directed at the author was this post from a Colorado lover who nonetheless thinks the writer isn't entirely off-base.

hornsheldhigh writes:


However, if you all would take off your blinders and look at some of his points you might and should probably agree, a little.

Vail, can be and is a joke a lot of the times. Aspen and Telluride are both great places but out of the way for your average traveler. Which is really a plus, for us locals.

Pretentious over priced bars that try to reflect a big city club feel, and fail. Or day time sports bars turned night clubs when the sun goes down, very Kansas.

Colorado Springs IS up tight and boring and Pueblo and GJ, really, they don't really scream fun or exciting or even beautiful.

Shitty people from other states bringing their shitty attitudes and creating a new "asshole, i'm the most important person alive" city right here in Colorado.

These cities don't make this state great anyway, it's the beauty that is COLORADO that makes this our home choice.

Colorado is a great place to live and I would never go elsewhere, well maybe, but if we ignore the "facts" just to defend our turf it won't be this awesome forever.

This all being said... he's an ass!


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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.