Reader: Colorado hater should move, but he makes some good points

Our post featuring one hater's thirteen reasons why Colorado sucks elephant balls riled up readers in a big way, with most dismissing the complaints about our fair state. But this reader saw a few good points among the bad ones.

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sballardo672 writes:

My first thought is that this guy mustve been dropped off with no advance warning (seriously, roads and weather are you issue? its freaking Colorado!). I will; however, agree with him that the people are difficult to adjust to. Seems everyone has anger and pride issues and are quick to get upset and react with rage. Something as simple as getting into the next lane will prompt someone to speed up so they can get to there destination .12 seconds faster. With that, I will also give him the 'crappy drivers' point.

I will also cede his 'sports fanatics' point. Bronco fans are insufferable. I'm fine with people being passionate towards the home team; however, as a fan of a different team, its nearly impossible to watch a game at a bar without Bronco fans being douchebags and ruining it.

Bottom line: This guy needs to move.

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