Reader: Colorado's current stance on dispensaries sucks donkey balls

While Michael Roberts takes a break, William Breathes will be in the house, ready to answer your questions. And just in time, because all the new regulations that are taking effect this month have people plenty confused -- and many patients very mad. Consider this from a patient inspired to write by Breathes's latest dispensary review:

Dear William Breathes,

It SUCKS FAT DONKEY BALLS that the state is literally raping dispensaries, making them burn and turn their product just to meet the next round of fees and equipment/infrastructure requirements/etc - not to mention the day-to-day costs of operating a business.

Look around at the context, Breathes, and let's focus for a brief moment if I may on the real problem with product in this industry right now - the government is taking a truly staggering and exorbitant share of revenue from dispensaries through fees and regulations, and the patients are suffering the consequences.

Should we wait until you have to drive to Phoenix to buy a $25 eighth that's been cured properly?

I can't remember the last positive review you've written, Billy... Wake up dude! Where'd all the super dank and super cheap bud go, and all of the new shiny stylish dispensaries? I personally would love to know.

And please, let the people know why shop owners haven't been investing so much in expensive updated artwork and furniture these days before you bust out your well-honed interior design reviewing chops again next week.

Your piece on Warren Edson's take on licensing fees is spot-on. But it's the tip of the iceburg!

The licensing fees are highway robbery, a deliberate and direct assault on people who need (and deserve) access to quality, affordable medicine.

Context, man. July of 2011 has been a tough month for a lot of good shops and their patients.

Talk about it!

And Breathes will be. Post other questions you'd like him to address below; he'll be blogging live on Monday afternoon.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.