Reader: Comet Elenin scare can make world it didn't destroy a better place

You've probably noticed by now that Comet Elenin didn't devastate Earth or cause Barack Obama to hide in secret DIA underground tunnels during his Denver visit earlier this week. Now, the space rock has the potential for improving the planet for all of us, says one reader.

Jaded002 writes:

I think it is that we are going through a moment of conscious awakening. For a very long time we believed that traveling at the speed of light is the fastest one can travel, but just a few weeks ago it was announced (by NASA) that there have been discoveries of particles that MOVE FASTER than the speed of light. Everything we have always known to be true is now being challenged with the freedom of technology. Nothing will necessarily happen with this comet or it may, but the point is we need to be aware of what we are doing to the planet. We can't keep destroying the forest, destroying the air we breath and pumping toxins into the water we drink without having some type of effect. I hope that everyone begins to think about this and I think the comet ElENIN is just the beginning of our awareness.

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