Reader: Company suing hobby blogger Brian Hill wanted to garnish disability checks

One of this month's most debated posts continues to be our item about Brian Hill, a diabetic, mildly autistic twenty-year-old hobby blogger being sued by Righthaven LLC for unauthorized use of a Denver Post photo on his website. The latest? A note from Hill's grandmother, who reveals how Righthaven wanted a cash-strapped Hill to pay a $6,000 fee that would make the suit go away.

Guest writes:

Brian is my grandson, and I am very proud of him. His site (www.uswgo.com) was so professional looking that Righthaven decided to sue him too. This is not your normal copyright law suit. Learn about Righthaven. They are trying to take away our freedom of speech on the Internet using legal extortion. People with real talent who have enough money will try to get a copyright on their work. We respect copyright and copyright laws. In this case, a newspaper is asking everyone to share their photos and print them. After this photo is everywhere on the Internet, then Righthaven gets a copyright on what should be of interest to all USA citizens and even citizens from other countries (especially people who fly on planes). They see this photo on your website or blog THEN they get a copyright on this photo or news article (not their work). They don't tell you or warn you, they simply sue you in court, file the court papers on you for $150,000, then they try to settle with you for $6,000 and your domain (your website). They are cold and evil people when you talk to them, they don't mind breaking laws dealing with SSI checks that disabled need every penny of that money to survive. Righthaven wanted to garnish Brian's SSI check at $50.00 per month until the $6,000 was paid to avoid going to court.

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