Reader: "Condos are a mess"

"Design Flaw," Melanie Asmar, September 5

An Apt for That

I've wondered why there are all those huge apartment complexes going up around Denver. Thanks for the answer. Now I have another question: What is going to happen to all these complexes when they fall apart five years from now?
Susan Myers

No one likes litigation, but there has to be a way to promote development while also protecting homeowners from shoddy building. This is a complex issue, but one of the big problems is it often takes a long time for serious damage from defects to show itself, and not all builders are equally responsive to repairing problems (or even around years down the road). In the end, I think it's better to err on the side of protecting individuals, but I hope that any reform that comes through will help limit the length and outsized costs of these lawsuits.

You did a really good job with this story.  I've only recently started reading Westword, but I appreciate the work you're doing.
Eric Duggan

I don't think I've seen one condo complex that is not or has not been in litigation with builders. Not to mention that nearly all condo units in the Denver metro area will no longer go FHA because of owner-occupant-versus-investor ratios. There are a few that will, but for the majority, condos are now cash or conventional loans only. 

Condos are a mess.
Marc Bayes
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"The Dark Wall," Brantley Hargrove, August 29

Eye of the Storm

R.I.P., Tim and Paul Samaras; that was such a sad day. Good article on an amazing and selfless researcher who died doing what he loved: trying to learn how to predict storms and save lives.

A real tragedy and loss for all of us who call Tornado Alley home.
Chriss Hoffman
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"The Prodigal Pastor," Alan Prendergast, August 22

The Prodigal Scum

It sounds like Gil Jones preaches to himself, and that's the best role for him — that and some jail time. Religion is as religion does. Gil is a classic, self-deluded manipulator and sexual predator, if not an alcoholic, who needs to clean up his act before seeking any wider audience. That process will take time and honesty, if it ever happens. The reclamation and regeneration of a human soul is bigger than any pulpit, and harder.
Gene W. Edwards
Colorado Springs

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