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Reader: Conspiracies theories shouldn't be dismissed, because some of them are true

Last week, we reported about bizarre documents filed in the Aurora theater shooting case; they claimed Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates and the Illuminati, among others, were behind the massacre. But just because this notion seems nutty is no reason to dismiss all conspiracies, believes one reader.

kylekylecrocodile writes:

People love to throw the word theory on the end of a conspiracy, so people will ridicule it. it is belligerently apparent there is a monolithic conspiracy to exterminate and enslave U.S citizens. JFK talked about it extensively a few weeks before he got shot in the face. I guess that is all conspiracy as well. GTFO. Keep plugging away at these blind sheep running around what they consider a country and what we consider a real big prison cell. Here is to freedom and fighting to keep that right.

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