Reader: Cops should set up more stings to bust drunks leaving sporting events

The relative dangers of alcohol versus marijuana was one of many topics that cropped up in the comment section of William Breathes's post about the Department of Revenue's final rules for the recreational pot industry. This reader believes police have a vested interest in not cracking down too hard on drinkers.

robert.oppenheimer3 writes:

Ever wonder why the police don't just park outside the bars at 2 a.m. and bust the drunks as they get into their cars to drive home? How many alcoholic beverages are sold at the various sporting events in Colorado (and the nation) both college and professional? I bet a lot. Home viewers likely comprise an even larger number. Any percentage of lost sales (whatever that number) due to people choosing the cannabis alternative has to have the brewers and distillers nervous. Hence, the continued pot hysteria. Also, pot smokers are going to be less dependable consumers, etc. Have a nice day!

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