Reader: CU Boulder will probably try to outlaw Nerf guns until Supreme Court rules otherwise

In a post yesterday, we noted that the University of Colorado banned Nerf guns as well as the real kind. Now that the Colorado Supreme Court has deemed the latter rule unconstitutional, will foam find a home on campus, too? One of our readers has some ideas about that, and more.

Monkey writes:

Pretty funny one! Boulder is one of a kind. They can trample peoples rights, make all kinds of silly rules, but everyone still thinks it's full of liberals. I guess if you get a reputation in the 70's, that reputation never goes away, no matter how you treat your residents in the future. Every concealed carry class you take will make sure you know guns are not allowed near schools, especially CU and all the real-estate they own, despite constitutional rights. Now that's over and the list of places that think they can ignore your rights just got smaller. Knowing Boulder, the Nerf guns will still be outlawed until the Supreme Court says otherwise. Guess the kids will have to play with real guns. CU firing range? Sounds good to me.

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