Reader: Denver Is As Good at Plowing As Transplants Are at Driving in Snow
Nick Nunns at Flickr

Reader: Denver Is As Good at Plowing As Transplants Are at Driving in Snow

Colorado sunshine is going to do its bit to clean up the remains of the snowstorm that Mother Nature dumped on us this week. Which is handy, because readers let loose a blizzard of complaints that various municipal governments didn't do their bit, including this from Tom: 

Why the City of Denver is just like any other crappy government entity: First they announce they won't plow residential streets due to cost and snow is too heavy for their trucks.....then they remind residents they'll hand out $150 fines if we don't clear our own sidewalks.

Denver is about as good at plowing its streets as the first-time transplant drivers are at driving on them...

Then there's this observation from Elsa: 

I work down in Centennial. Every day I get off on I-25 and drive down Arapahoe Road. On snowy days  the city plows the streets, which is helpful to drivers. However, the snow is piled onto the sidewalks, making it impossible for those unfortunate enough to be waiting for the bus or walking to their destination to do so in a safe manner. City officials are out of touch with a basic service that they should be providing to their residents. It's disgraceful.

How was the snow removal where you live/work? Share your story in a comment.

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