Reader: Denver is boring, sports is lame, Coors is nasty & women's breasts aren't that exciting

Always love it when an unusual comment pops up on an older post -- like, for instance, "

Is Denver Funville or Snoozetown? The Government Wants to Know

," published in July 2009.

This particular reader casts his vote for "Snoozetown."

Whatever writes:

Denver is boring. The people have NO sense of humor. And who gives a damn about sports? Sports fans have no creativity, which is why they cling to sports: it doesn't require much intelligence. I'm not even sure what mountain biking is, but it seems that if I was riding a bike, the last place I would want to be is on a mountain. And you can keep your nasty watered-down Coors. And the women just assume that you are staring at their breasts, as they use both their arms to cover them up as you walk by... I'm not making this up. Sorry ladies, we already know what they look like and we could really care less.

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