Reader: Denver Post changes are like Exxon watering down gas

Our item sharing a memo from editor Greg Moore about impending cuts in the Denver Post copy-editing department, which sources tell us could result in two-thirds of the staff being laid off, prompted plenty of discussion about the state of journalism today. Here's a comment from a reader who thinks slashing costs isn't always the answer.

Damocles writes:

As people on the political left have been saying for some time, there are two sides of the cost/revenue equation. Similar to the newspaper model, people on the political right see only one way to balance that equation: cutting costs. One could argue that not only does raising revenue balance the equation as well, it makes for a more likely survival of the entity in question. When the price of oil rises, for instance, Exxon Mobil doesn't dilute its gasoline with water; it raises the price of its product to a level that covers costs *and* allows for a healthy net.

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