Reader: DIA sucks, and not just because it's practically in Kansas

Patricia Calhoun's recent post about Denver International Airport slipping down the busiest airport list -- from eleventh place to thirteenth -- attracted comments about DIA as a whole. Included among them was this not especially positive review.

Andrew Malouff writes:

Personally, I hate DIA. I can't stand the way it's set up. Seems like it maximizes delays with the one big security area, then the weird, dungeon like underground tram you have to ride forever to get to your gate. Not to mention the airport is practically located in Kansas, making visitors who fly in ask the age old dumb and dumber question "shouldn't the Rocky Mountains be a little rockier? That John Denver is full of shit man!"... AND you almost have to take the toll roads to get there if your flying out, which is expensive and still takes forever and amazingly, are heavily patrolled for speeders. Then when you get there, the parking situation sucks and takes forever too. I always dread having to fly in or out of DIA. Which is why I will gladly pay a few hundred more to fly out of Springs. You suck DIA!

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