Reader: Disabled people on prescription meds will be marooned by THC driving bill

Our post about the possible impact of the proposed THC driving bill on senior citizens and veterans because of a

zero-tolerance mandate for Schedule I and Schedule II drugs

, including many common prescription medications, elicited a slew of strong takes. Here's the view of a reader who sees a very negative impact on his life if the measure passes.

Guest writes:

I'm disabled and use drugs to walk and drive among many other things and this bill makes it illegal for me to drive since every drug I use is on the list. This is going to be very bad for disabled people that get around on their own like me. I live in the mountains and don't have the luxury of a bus stop in front of my house, so how will I get myself to the doctor and go shopping if this thing passes? I have been driving just fine for years on many drugs on that list. It's why i take them. My family won't ride with me driving unless i have taken my meds and they are all on that list.

How come nicotine isn't on that list?

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