Reader disagrees with commenter in a polite and respectful way: Stop the cyber-presses!

As you may have noticed, comment sections are often full-combat zones -- and that can be entertaining and enlightening (as well as sometimes irritating or offensive). No wonder the following post, which strongly but politely disagrees with a comment on our report about an assault charge against prosecutor Christy Ausmus, stands out.

Timinphx writes:

I will agree that I did respond more in kind than I should. But as an asshat, I do that at times when confronted with what passes as being still PC, because an insult is directed against a white person.

And yes, I do use the word "government" as a perjorative, in that the majority who receive a check from the government do so not as an employee but as an entitlement. And those who do largely get the check in exchange for a slave-like monolithic block of votes for one political party. It's bribery. I'm not talking about civil servants, the one guy out of a 6 man road crew who is actually working... And I'm not talking about granny's social security, a truly disabled person who needs help, or someone on unemployment for a couple of MONTHS (not years).

Anyway, your post was an intelligent one and I will only politely disagree with you, Sir.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.