Reader: Do we need to put kids in bubble-wrap to keep them safe from pot?

Our interview with Senator Linda Newell about her bills to create a definition of a drug-endangered child drew a big response from readers, many of whom continue to see its language as criminalizing cannabis-using parents despite Newell's reassurances. Here's the take of a reader who sees the measures as nanny-state offerings with plenty of downside.

essieclovington writes:

Wonder why people treat each other so badly, and display such borderline sociopathic traits? One has to look no further than those legislators screaming "it's for the children!" 40 years of this "it's for the children" crap and now we've got a bunch of adults who act like irresponsible whiners and want even more freedoms taken away. They are displaying a nasty mindset that thinks little of their peers (called human beings) and thinks even smaller of children (oh my gosh they must be kept in bubble wrap). This is what living in fear gets you. This is what the FREAK OUT people do when you elect them. It's time to quit electing would-be-Heroes and start electing public SERVANTS. Enough with the "Who's your Nanny?"

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