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Reader: Downtown Denver's violence rises along with the temperature

Our recent interview with Reverend Leon Kelly touched on gang violence (exemplified by the daylight murders of Justin O'Donnell and Deon Rudd) and the gentrification of Five Points and the surrounding area. This last topic prompted a fascinating comment about changing neighborhood dynamics against the backdrop of Father's Day.

Amber Richardson89 writes:

I live across from Manual high school on 29th street. I love the historic homes and businesses in the areas and being close to downtown. I have lived in downtown Denver total for several years and as the tempertures rise so does the violence sadly.

Yesterday, when I was sitting on my porch , I was approached by two men. They started out the conversation light with a "Happy Father's Day," then quickly turned to a demanding "give me a cigarette and some of that wine." When I asked them to leave, it quickly turned into a situation where I was threatened. I was told by him and his friend that I didnt have the right to ask him to leave (my property) and that this is a "black neighborhood and YOU dont belong here, white girl." It saddens me that it came to that so quickly and that people want to have segregated neighboorhoods more that sucessful, clean and safe communities. The only way to make a community stronger is to be the change. I want an inclusive community with affordable housing and yards safe for children for everybody regardless of skin color.

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