Reader: Drivers ripping on cyclists for breaking laws don't always follow them

Last week, we posted about Patrick Ward, the man charged with assorted vehicular crimes related to the death of cyclist Michel Van Duym in Lyons. Ward's past negative comments about cycling reignited the debate between cyclists and drivers. Here's one especially interesting take on the subject.

SxPxDxCx writes:

I love the indignation of the poor put upon motorists. I'm a cyclist but I also drive a car and if we want to talk about people not following traffic rules how about we start with people in cars. They don't completely stop at stop signs and if they do it is often in the cross walk. Vast swaths of humanity have no idea what a Yield sign means so it seems that most people in cars just ignore them. I could go on and on.

When everyone that drives a car does so in exact accordance to all laws and regulations then you can start being pissed at people on bikes. Get your own house in order before you judge others so harshly.

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