Reader: Drop the pretense and legalize marijuana

Judging from the comments posted on the Latest Word over the last few days, many people had a very green Christmas. For example, Sierra wrote the following after reading William Breathes's latest dispensary review of Colorado Alternative Medicine:

After reading that, is there any point in continuing this farce that MJ is being used by chemo patients and people with MS? Taste? Smell? These are food review terms. I am not opposed to MJ use, but licenses are being given for everything from athlete's foot to halitosis. I don't see patients with leukemia being overly concerned about a lemony aftertaste. This is recreational *gasp*! Let's just call a spade a spade and legalize it, dropping the pretense of "medicinal use". That's obviously what a large section of the Colorado population wants.

Read more of our coverage in the Marijuana archives.

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