Reader: DU Cowboys and Indians party can't be compared to St. Patrick's Day

Our post about DU Native Student Alliance's unhappiness with a Cowboys and Indians party thrown by Greek Life organizations prompted comments aplenty, with many of them equating the bash with St. Patrick's Day. The Alliance's adviser dismissed this comparison in a followup interview, and here, a reader does likewise.

SOKO writes:

Your argument only holds true when you look at the surface. Native Americans have existed on the fringes of society since our country began. The Irish did confront discrimination during their immigration but that has stopped. They were absorbed into white society. Native Americans have not moved much in various social areas due to their oppression and conquering by the cowboys (pioneers). This may seem extreme but most people would be disgusted at a slave and slave master party. Why doesn't an "Indian and Cowboy" theme get the same reaction? What these students are trying to get at is that in American society there is still not a lot of acknowledgment regarding the struggle of native people (Their identity is simply a fun costume). We as a society need to be more aware and conscious of a group that has historically been left out of society. As a college student, I had a great time partying but I also did not choose to partake in themes that degraded groups i.e. women. As a DU alum, I think this is great move in laying down the foundation of a more open and aware college campus.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.