Reader: Exchanging needles near schools is riskier than having a dispensary there

Yesterday, Melanie Asmar reported about Denver City Council lifting its 1,000-foot buffer from schools for needle-exchange programs. However, medical marijuana dispensaries within 1,000 feet of schools remain against the rules -- a fact mentioned by a slew of our readers, including this one.

Kevin A. Mahmalji writes:

Right, but it's important to keep the regulated sale of marijuana 1,000 ft. away to protect our children. Alcohol and needles, no big deal. Over 4,000 needles were "cleaned up" around the city as part of the Needle Exchange program's attempt to limit the public safety issue. That being said, the needles that were collected had to of been discarded in a public area at some point before the clean up. The only difference now is they will be discarded closer to schools. I'm not against the program and do see the value of what it offers, but think we need to be serious about the risk.

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