Reader: F*ck Your "I'm a Native" Douchebaggery

In yet another case of a comment begetting more comments, our post highlighting a reader's view that marijuana legalization has caused a lot of shitty people to move to Colorado (inspired by an item about conflicting polls regarding legalization opinions) got even more people talking. Among the provocative takes was this one, in which a longtime resident takes umbrage at those who tout their status as Colorado natives.

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Todd Owens writes:

So sick of ppl using the whole "I'm a Native" line. Big deal, I've been in this state over 20 years, this is my home. All these so called natives are the cunts who have sold all their shit for a profit and allowed half of California and Texas to own the place. I take advantage of all this state has to offer, my tax dollars benefit just as much as some douche who got lucky and mommy spit you out here. Besides I assure you many NON Natives respect and value you this State waaaaaaaaay more than many Natives. We all made a choice to find a home, a better chance in life and we ALL chose Colorado.... So fuck your I'm A Native douchebaggery..... Oh and to be clear, I don't smoke weed, nor do I have an objection to those who do. I voted to have it in the State for the kids and the schools....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.