Reader: Forget road rage -- how about sidewalk rage?

In a series of posts last week, Sam Levin documented how the wheels have been turning for Denver cyclists. There are more bicyclists on the road -- which has translated to

more bike thefts

. And not only is the city

spending more on bike lanes

, but it's

handing out more tickets

to bicyclists.

Forget road rage -- how about sidewalk rage?

Says Stan:

I almost just hit a bicyclist who was riding on the SIDEWALK going about 20 mph through a 4-way-stop intersection. They didn't stop, didn't hesitate, didn't look both ways, and THEN called me an asshole when they almost got mowed down (also, this pansy was wearing earbuds, which makes it really hard to hear motor vehicle traffic AND pedestrians). I say ticket those douchebag bike motherfuckers (and take away license points) who arbitrarily disobey traffic rules at their own convenience.

Now we're on a roll! Drivers, what was your closest call with a bicyclist? Riders, what close encounter made your head -- as well as your wheels -- spin. Post your comment below.

Sam Levin isn't the only one on the bike beat. See the latest in Britt Chester's "Guess where I'm biking?" series here.

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