Reader: Get mad at the people who are a real menace on the roads

Is this state big enough for both cyclists and automobiles? it doesn't seem that way on some mountain roads. Byron Nix was riding through Deer Creek Canyon with a group of other cyclists earlier this month when a truck hit his bike, knocking him off, pulling the bike under and crushing it. Nix survived the ordeal, and the truck's driver was cited for careless driving. But the conversation continues.

Are such collisions inevitable? Not according to Mike:

I've driven on mountain roads with dozens of cyclists. It really isn't a problem. If the road has lots of curves and blind spots, you shouldn't be driving that fast anyway. And as for riding single file, if there isn't enough width for a bike and a car to be side by side with 3 feet to spare, then what's the difference if there are 2 or 3 riding abreast? I'd rather that 12 people were riding 2 abreast than single file. It would be easier and faster to pass a line of 6 than a line of 12. Use your common sense people, rather than gripe about bikes just for the sake of finding something to gripe about. If you have to wait for a minute, then so what? If you don't have 15 seconds to a minute to spare, then you probably left too late anyway. As for car drivers paying for roads with their registrations, that's laughable. Have you seen the costs associated with road building? You wouldn't even get out of town with what you pay. And if you want to be picky like that, then quit driving in my neighborhood until you start paying the specials for the roads that we built. Go another step, and you'll find that some states charge fees based on the weight of the vehicle (due to the damage they can do.) How much damage do you think a bike does to a road?

We can all get along together on the road. Get mad at the people that actually are a menace on the roads, whether they are in cars or on bikes. Look at it introspectively. What if it were your wife, mother or daughter riding that bike? Maybe the true menace is really you?!

Can we really all get along? Post your thoughts below. From our archives: "As Denver becomes a major bike city, can it put safety first?"

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