Reader: Glenn Beck's catastrophic visions had little to do with Wyoming "Doomsday bill"

Pundit Glenn Beck recently took issue with a 9News report by Kevin Torres about Wyoming's so-called "Doomsday bill," and several readers felt he had a point even if they were uncomfortable with the messenger.

Here's one sharp-toned media critique.

Wiley Combs writes:

This is bad coverage of Wyoming, both by the "local news station" (from another state), and by Glenn Beck. The melodramatic tone of the 9News story is ludicrous, at best, and I take extreme exception to the characterization of Wyoming citizens as "cowboys," as well as the unnecessary mention of our lower population density (what does it matter that our state's population is smaller than your city's, Mr. Torres?), which seems to imply that only a crazy rural state would pass something like this. Moreover, Beck's paranoiac visions of catastrophe have little to do with the actual intent of the bill.

For what it's worth, the final draft of the bill only established a inter-agency cooperative committee to investigate contingency plans in the event of various disaster scenarios -- a practical measure for a government to take on behalf of its citizens. It also got killed in the Senate [Friday], so you all can go back to ignoring our square state, the Saudi Arabia of the United States.

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