Reader: Going to a restaurant with an AK-47 might justify someone taking you out

Readers continue to react to Melanie Asmar's post about Chipotle asking customers not to bring guns to its restaurants and a Comment of the Day from a Second Amendment supporter who says members of Open Carry Texas who posed with huge gats at one outlet made responsible gun owners look bad.

This reader thinks anyone who shows up at a restaurant with such an automatic weapon may discover that they're a target for others with guns.

David Barton writes:

Because they weren't on a farm, they were in a Chipotle, and unfortunately people DO walk into places with guns and shoot people. So when a couple idiots walk into a restaurant with their menacing-looking weapons, it's impossible to tell if they're good guys or a threat. And it's only a matter of time before a CCW holder protects himself or his family by taking clowns like these out, which is probably justifiable in that situation.

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