Reader: Gun laws make it more difficult for people who need protection to find it

Our interview with Representative Rhonda Fields found the gun-control advocate arguing against a Colorado boycott touted by some hunters groups. The debate over the issue in our comments section was passionate. In the following post, one reader responds to bill supporters with an argument against them.

Brandon Young writes:

Jacob, Steve, etc, not all sportsman and hunters are rednecks. By your comment, I should assume that you're a Democrat, and that you're just a lazy liberal who mooches off the system? People who call themselves more tolerant, but judge others, are just as guilty. Remember, when pointing the finger, three fingers are pointing back at yourself. Colorado has a strong tradition with hunting, fishing, and sportsman, and a lot of the money that pays for parks, animal preservation, etc comes from those sportsman that are going to boycott our state. These laws are garbage, and are only symbolic measures which will have little to no impact on gun violence. For the same reason, many sportsman, hunters, companies are boycotting the state for the same reason. Look at states that already have similar laws (NY, Il, CA, etc), and their levels of gun violence are much higher. Not once during all this crap have I heard proposals on stiffer penalties on gun crimes and punishing those offenders. Gun owners are just as horrified with gun violence as you non-gun owners are; we just want to do something that will actually help fix the problem, not make it harder for everyone else to protect themselves....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.