Reader: Having a Colorado license plate doesn't make you a native

Since we first posted about the ten driving tips non-Colorado natives forget before their second winter here, we've collected comments left by hundreds of folks, including many from other states who feel they're at least as good behind the wheel as people from these parts, if not better. But some readers aren't buying it, including this one.

eat_more_smunkies writes:

Thank you all for proving our point. Most of you on here are NOT native. Most people living here are not native. How can you say "Colorado drivers" when almost half of you are from someplace else? Just because you have Colorado license plates does not make you native. And all you out of towners who are posting butt hurt comments about natives are just angry we are calling you out. Also NATIVE means you were born here. Heck, we'll even take the people who have lived here since they were at least 6. I was born here.

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