Reader: Here's How to Drive Nebraska's Pot-Obsessed Troopers Insane

William Breathes's post about Nebraska law-enforcers calling for stiffer pot penalties as a tactic to reduce the volume of marijuana slipping over the border from Colorado upset lots of readers. But rather than getting mad, this commenter came up with a hilarious plan to get even.

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h0mebrew writes:

Just for fun, and to waste their time and money, a group of vehicles should put drivers in tie-dye, put some pot leaf stickers on the window, put a pound of hops from the local home brew store in a clear bag and leave visible in the back seat, polish the Colorado plates, wipe some pot residue on the outside of the car for the dogs to sniff, and drive to Nebraska with absolutely no weed. Let them have their tizzy fit with no leg to stand on. Then do it again next week. Bwwwaaaaahhhhhaaaaa.

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