Reader: Here's why Tim Tebow's confessions of faith aren't like Jesus wearing a kick-me sign

Our post about HBO yakker Bill Maher's Twitter jihad against Tim Tebow revved up the faithful and the doubters alike -- including David Brensilver of The Daily Maul, a site "where there's always blood in the water."

Here, he opens up a vein about the Chosen One.

David Brensilver writes:

As I wrote recently at The Daily Maul, Tim Tebow "and his family have made it their mission (quite literally, I'm afraid) to serve gullible humans who can be convinced to believe in magic."

A woman on Twitter tried to explain to me that "Tebow's public confession of faith in Jesus Christ is like wearing a kick me sign. I hope it galvanizes other Christians."

In my response to her, I asked, "If Tebow's public confession of faith 'is like wearing a kick me sign,' why has no one kicked him?"

While I could care less that the dim-witted, mouth-breathing Mr. Tebow believes in fairy tales, I have been wondering why the media hasn't deified me for coaxing the world's most heavenly music from a choir of shrunken heads.

Please wake me when someone kicks Tim Tebow. You'll be able to tell that he's been kicked when he looks like the milquetoast wimp we've come to know as Ricky "Rooster" Santorum.

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