Reader: History Colorado is dumb, dumb, dumb not to display dioramas

Colorado's archives include eighteen dioramas that were displayed at the old history museum -- but are nowhere to be seen at the new History Colorado Center.

Is that dumb?

"We had a lot of those dioramas pretty much on perpetual exhibit since the '30s and '40s," state historian Bill Convery told Melanie Asmar, and "to restore them is going to take some serious funding."

Responds Wisco:

What is it about museum professionals that they don't understand what their crowd-pleaser exhibits are? Every kid who grew up in Denver remembers these dioramas -- their restoration should be the museum's number one priority. And they should all be displayed, not put some sort of rotating display. Is this what Museum Management degrees teach you? Dumb, dumb, dumb. It's the same with the Museum of Formerly-Known-As Natural History keeping most of their fossils in storage. They seem to think people go to museums to read essays on the walls.

Have you been to History Colorado? If so, what do you think of the displays? Would you rather see a diorama officially known as "Arapaho Indians Preparing Buffalo Meat"?

What does Westword art critic Michael Paglia think of History Colorado? Read his assessment of David Tryba's architectural triumph here.

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