Reader: HOAs have no right to regulate what goes on inside a house

Yesterday, we wrote about the possibility of some homeowners associations banning marijuana -- a possibility an attorney with whom we spoke believes would be perfectly legal despite the passage of Amendment 64. One reader was offended by the idea of activity inside a home being regulated.

instntkrma writes:

What's going on inside someone's home is none of an HOA's business. When someone buys a home in an HOA neighborhood, they can expect to be restricted as far as landscaping, painting, outside repair, cement, lawn care... but people do not expect an HOA to have any authority on the inside of a house.

If marijuana growing can be limited by an HOA - then so could alternative lifestyles, the 2nd amendment/gun possession, cooking "smelly" meat... if marijuana smoke is not okay then how can cigarette smoke be okay? Are we going to tell people they can't smoke in their own homes?

That said, ANYONE in an HOA or not, that has neighbors and grows, should run charcoal filters for their own privacy and security -- and also out of respect for their neighbors. The odor of growing cannabis is pleasant (imo); they are just flowers after all, but there is no need to loudly proclaim that one is growing. It is about sensibilities, and the less notice people take, the better for everyone.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.