Reader: I'd feel safer in a restaurant if the waitresses and customers had guns

Our post about Shooters Grill in Rifle, which encourages open carry for waitresses and customers alike, prompted a debate about whether such displays of firepower would make diners feel more or less safe. The following comment is an enthusiastic vote in the "more safe" column.

Tommy Shackelford writes:

Didn't anyone even watch this story? Tons of normal people wear their guns in this area, normal people happen to serve you food too. I'd feel so much safer and will make a trip just to show support to them. No idiot flipping out with a gun is gonna even think about entering a place like this, I'd feel safe from idiots. They serve food efficiently, saying just cause they have a gun on their side has nothing to do with it and you are all very welcome to never enter this restaurant -- posts show just how people get on a different bandwagon. This business will do great, cause they figured out how to weed out these anti-gun people.

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