Brian Williams.
Brian Williams.

Reader: If Brian Williams Was on Fox News, He'd Be Promoted for Lying

Our post about a longtime 9News executive warning staffers not to talk about Brian Williams's suspension for embroidering a story from his days covering the Iraq war inspired plenty of readers to weigh in about whether the punishment fits the crime. This one thinks not.

muhutdafuga writes:

If he worked at fauKKKs "news," he would get a promotion. FauKKKs, where lying is such a proud tradition, They went to court to protect their RIGHT TO LIE. And their cult listeners worship the lies, as the baby republican jeeeEEEeeesus commanded, when he said "Thou shalt lie to catapult the propaganda."

Send your story tips to the author, Michael Roberts.For more memorable takes, visit our Comment of the Day archive.


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