Reader: If I Punched a Disrespectful Cop, Would the DA Drop Charges Against Me?

The Denver District Attorney's decision not to charge Deputy Thomas Ford for slugging an inmate was based in part on reports that the punchee had been verbally abusive and threatening. This rationale fired up many of the commenters who weighed in on our post about the development. Here's one memorable take.

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Monkey writes:

Another example of police being treated differently than the people they arrest. If you hit someone in the face for standing up, or verbally assaulting you, you would be arrested by people who are taught to do the same thing. Imagine if this cops boyfriend was yelling at him, calling him names, and stood up when he approached him. Would anyone think hitting his boyfriend in the face was appropriate action? Would anyone think a jury would not convict a man who turned a verbal assault into a physical one?

Next time a cop is disrespecting me and refuses to do what I say, I guess I'll just hit them in the face, and the DA will dismiss all charges, right?

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