Reader: Immigration raid at Wildcat Dairy's only flaw is that more illegals weren't busted

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Our post about an immigration raid in Morgan Count -- one decried by a local activist -- continues to generate passionate posts.

Here's one from a reader upset that more people weren't taken into custody.

Gregory Weir writes:

Let me get this straight; we have illegal aliens who falsified their identity to get jobs, yet some of them aren't getting arrested and/or deported? What's wrong with this picture? Look people, this isn't rocket-science and we need to put a stop to this catch-and-release program for any illegal aliens caught here. I support Colorado, Alabama, Georgia, Arizona, and any other state that is taking the initiatives to eliminate the incentives for hordes of freeloading and criminal illegal aliens to come here. Whether the incentives are jobs, entitlements, or citizenship for babies born to illegal aliens to secure entitlements, they ALL need to be eliminated. The E-Verify system is a step in the right direction and while technology isn't completely fool-proof, it's exponentially better than anything else out there and it has a high-90's percentile affectivity. It's the racist, open border, illegal alien advocates, such as National Council of La Raza (the RACE), SEIU, American Friends Service Committee, ACLU, El Grupo, Border Angels, and biased journalists who continually find reasons to complain and to push their agenda; that being opening our border so more freeloading and criminal Mexicans and Latin Americans can just waltz in here unabated and for us to look the other way and not enforce our laws or protect our national identity and sovereignty. The bottom line is we need to eliminate all the incentives for illegal aliens to sneak in here and whatever states do to make this happen great, and I couldn't care less what the excuse or what those sympathetic to illegal immigrants have to say. Enough is enough, and I'm thoroughly disgusted and fed up with the onslaught of illegal aliens who are invading this country.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.