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Reader: Immigration report about costs of law ignores costs of not enforcing it

Last week, Melanie Asmar shared an immigration report estimating the cost of Colorado's "show me your papers" law at $13 million. But the price tag on porous borders and a flood of illegal immigrants depleting American resources is much higher, maintains one particularly passionate commenter. Here's what he had to say.

davej.francis writes:

Let the Liberal progressives do what they want int he next four years, such as tax and spend and whatever issue they have in mind? Then sit back and watch the raging Socialist agenda implode as the general population sees their country being taken over by bloated government, reducing energy supplies of oil, national gas and the closing of the coalindustry. Then after this Liberal Socialist financial tidal wave, let the wrath of the average American tear through the ranks of these fools that run this country. Watch as the hardcore Democrats cut funding to border enforcement, and instituting a new illegal alien amnesty and you paying for everything; educating their large familyprogeny, their medical care and treatment, their low cost government homes. After the stock markets shake with fear, more small businesses going broke and large corporations send out feelers for less taxed countries to set up shop. Even more involvement of government in influencing our freedoms, The joke will be on the American people, with even more unemployment, closing businesses and the distributing of even more entitlement; even more welfare for illegal migrants, even more grand "Rules and Regulations" to stifle the creation of small businesses and a sky rocketing deficit at state and federal level and this country on the edge of a even larger red ink abyss.The American worker whether Democrat or Republican should do the right thing for the huge jobless population and demand that the temporary tenant in the Oval office, and all the sub-tenants in Washington that thrive on the misery of citizens andhonest green card holders pass "THE LEGAL WORKFORCE BILL." E-Verify is not perfect, but it's all we have to eject the millions of illegal labor from job market? Throw out Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada as he is like death dealer of any bills in Congress and refuses to allow any reasonable compromise. Stop the massive national theft of Social Security numbers, and install an official ID with a fingerprint or retina scan for all citizens. Approve an amendment to the14th Amendment, "THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP BILL" to sever the growing problem of millions of pregnant women arriving here with unborn babies, to intentionally steal the public assistance programs from our own children,our elderly and homeless. Illegal aliens are stealing our future, the rising need for more taxes and our way of life. Both political parties are entirely to blame, driven by greed, big labor, big religion and the never-ending hunt for more votes. States that had no election restrictions on absentee ballots,voting stations was very likely compromised by non-citizens voting and now ourf uture is open to expectations.

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