Reader: Incompetence in Jefferson County is nothing new

>"Life Sentence," Joel Warner, April 25

Law and Disorder

How predictable was this story?

Any resident of Jefferson County with any foresight at all knew that the jail expansion would turn out like this. They expand the jail facilities to handle more prisoners. The expenses go up, the profits for Jefferson County go up. An obvious fiasco created by Jefferson County waiting for this type of scenario.

They clearly denied this man the most basic of medical attention. A fourth-grader knows the signs of a stroke, and they cannot give this man an aspirin or powdered aspirin under his tongue and get him to a hospital. This is unforgivable, and the jail and the medical staff should be sued and should lose in court. But will they will ever get to court?

They probably have no liability for this debacle. They can deny this man the most basic of human rights in a jail in America, and they will end up spending money on attorneys and keeping this out of court for years. I ask only one thing: Put me on this jury. Please. I would award him millions for the injustice alone.

Incompetence in Jefferson County — nothing new.

Blatant incompetence in Jefferson County — nothing new.

What a sad, predictable and tragic story of incompetence and a true lack of humanity by these people in Jefferson County. Shame on them all.

I do admire the courage of the doctor, speaking up and telling the truth. There are brave people out there. He should be proud of his honesty.

Randy Brown

This represents our entire law enforcement system. They cannot even deal with a prisoner who suffered a stroke, let alone stop two Boston bombers when tipped by the Russians. As attorney general, Ken Salazar let the Jeffco deputies off in the Columbine case. Evan Ebel gets let out four years early. A warning from James Holmes's psychiatrist results in no action. The Virginia Tech killer had given many warnings. God forbid you are a law-abiding person, though.

Robert Weller

"Close Call," Patricia Calhoun, April 25

The Rest Is History

My husband and I just finished reading Patricia Calhoun's "Close Call." We found the writing and insight to be of high quality.

As a former fourth-grade teacher, I often visited the former site of the Colorado History Museum. We are museum members and have gone on numerous tours in the last few years, but only recently actually toured the entire site of the new museum. I was extremely disappointed. Exactly for the reason stated: "dumb-downed Disneyfication of those exhibits...." I felt like they made real history into a cartoon! I observed children running through exhibits, pawing at anything and everything without thought or meaning! How sad!

When real history is so interesting, why did they feel the need to make it seem so fake? As a retired educator and a fourth-generation Coloradan, I believe there is much to treasure and learn from our history.

Thank you for a great article.

Patti Antonio

Thank you for your article on History Colorado's telling of this massacre.

On visiting the museum a bit ago, I left that exhibit really only moved by the Soule letter and memories of a trip I took with my then-ten-year-old daughter to try and find the massacre site.

There is a mistake on a map as you leave the Sand Creek exhibit. The exhibit discusses the two Native American reservations in the state. On the accompanying map, the Ute Mountain Ute reservation is totally missing. I pointed this out to museum staff but do not believe it has been changed.

Joe Huggins

"Model Citizens," Off Limits, April 25

Train Gang

I have been a member of the Denver Society of Model Railroaders for over fifty years. For your information, the club O Scale layout cannot be moved. If it could, the cost would be $500,000. There is no reason the station developers need the space. We have had an agreement for 77 years to operate the railroad. The cost to rebuild a new railroad would exceed $2,000,000. We need your help to keep the layout where it is.

Gordon Calahan

This is a great local legend and so cool to go look at. And you toss them to the curb! Screw you, Union Station Alliance.

Gregory Phelan
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Pretty crappy of them. The lesson here is always get important things in writing — especially things like this.

Josh Bradley
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Letters to the Editor, April 25

No Love

After seeing the editor's note in last week's Westword about no longer publishing Savage Love, I'm pretty positive that your readership just went down significantly. I read the entirety of the paper every week, including Savage Love, which was my favorite column. I do, however, have a good number of friends and colleagues who only picked up Westword for Savage Love. Bring Dan Savage back! I couldn't care less about Ask a Stoner or the 26 pages of dispensary ads. I enjoyed Savage Love immensely, though.

Amy Aitken

Editor's note: You can read Savage Love any time on the website of Dan Savage's home paper, The Stranger, at

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