Reader: It's bad form to make fun of bad hair

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

For his 2010 wrap-up, Michael Roberts looked through hundreds of crime reports to come up with his mug shot retrospectives. And that disgusted Disgusted American, who did some ethical hair-splitting over "Top 12 Bad Hair Mug Shots":

Off the top of his head, Disgusted American wrote:

Are these actually police mugshots of people who've been arrested? Rather cruel and unusual, I think. First of all, publishing arrest photos is an unecessary breach of personal privacy regardless of whether it's technically legal or not ; secondly some of or all of these people may still be innocent until proven guilty. Adding insult to injury, you then ridicule their appearance? What is America coming to? The government has progressively taken away personal freedoms and doesn't respect personal dignity, and now the press is doing it too? You should be ashamed of yourselves! I'm disapointed in what my country is becoming and on people like you who are contributing to the problems.

See more bad hair -- and read about some bad behavior -- in our Colorado Crimes archives.

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