Reader: I've Never Heard of Violence Bringing Peace

For two nights now, demonstrators have gathered in Denver to protest the decision of a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in connection with the death of Michael Brown. Last night's gathering was much bigger than Monday's, and four of the protesters were arrested. Another gathering is planned for tonight. See also: Ferguson Protest at Civic Center Park Seeks Peace, Not Violence

And in the meantime, opinions in Denver are just as divided as they are across the country.

Says Ted:

My heart goes out to the hard working business owners and private citizens who won't have a Thanksgiving or Christmas thanks to opportunist thugs who use this tragedy on both sides for their financial gain. Do something less violent for your community. Make a difference.

Says Brian:

This is none of Denver's business and if people are looking to get involved in something then they should go out and feed the homeless or something.

And then there's this from Brittany:

I've never heard of violence bringing peace.

What's your response to the grand jury's decision? To the subsequent protests? Post your thoughts below.

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