Reader: Jenny Kush would still be alive if someone had stopped that drunk driver

Our post about the tragic death of Jenny Kush, a cannabis-scene star killed after the car in which she was riding was struck by an alleged drunk driver heading the wrong way in the HOV lane inspired many heartfelt comments. But one stands out -- a raw, emotional post from the person who was in the car with Kush when the accident took place....

iamthenewrevolution writes:

Jenny was my passenger when we got hit. We were at the (hed) P.E. show and were totally sober. The darkness you feel right before the nightmare begins IS real. Now I'm trapped in a nightmare that many have had to experience, thanks to an uninsured drunk driver. If anyone ever sees someone getting into a car that is intoxicated, it is your responsibility to help stop them......in any way you can. If we are a real community, we would try to prevent stupid shit like this!!

It is beyond time that cannabis, a CLEARLY SAFER CHOICE, stops being criminalized when 0 deaths come from it, while there are bars, liquor stores and other alcohol outlets EVERYWHERE! This is embarrassing as a country and as a community of humans!

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