Joe Miklosi.
Joe Miklosi.

Reader: Joe Miklosi won a Best of Denver, but is he the best candidate to take on Mike Coffman?

Joe Miklosi came out early as a Democratic willing to take on incumbent Mike Coffman in the sixth congressional district -- whatever that might look like when redistricting is done. But party insiders are saying that Miklosi -- despite his Best New Legislator win in the Best of Denver 2009 -- is not the strongest candidate to take on Coffman.

Who would be?

Here's the view from Reuben Espinosa:

Miklosi is a solid Democrat and would make an outstanding Congressman. But the Denver Post today described Miklosi as "obscure." Republican Coffman is anything but obscure.

While Romanoff has solid name recognition, I suspect state Sen. Morgan Carroll would stand a much better chance of beating Coffman in a one on one matchup. The Dems cannot afford to lose this one.

Can Miklosi beat Coffman? Or will the Dems keep shopping for a new candidate?


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