Reader: John Hickenlooper should have let Nathan Dunlap die

Yesterday, we wrote about a poll showing that the vast majority of Coloradans think Governor John Hickenlooper shouldn't have granted condemned killer Nathan Dunlap an execution reprieve. The issue is one that bring out passions in people, no matter their position. That's certainly clear in the following post by a person upset with Hick.

Jay Jurgens writes:

I think he should have let him go straight to the gas chamber. I know a lot of people are going to disagree with my opinion. I have been on the other side of of things that I base my opinion on being for the death penalty. If people want him to stay in prison, then let them pay for this scumbag's needs. He deserves what he gave and there is no doubt of his guilt, so let him die and cut him off the prison system's tit. He should face the same fear of death as the people he murdered.

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