Reader: John Hickenlooper was right to snap at reporter over Evan Ebel question

Yesterday, Patricia Calhoun wrote about the testy exchange between John Hickenlooper and a 9News reporter over an insinuation of special privileges for Evan Ebel, the son of a longtime Hick friend, and the man thought to have murdered his prison-chief appointee, Tom Clements. One reader thought Hick's response was wholly justified.

SeizeTheDay writes:

Given the fact that Evan Ebel had been arrested for, convicted of and served lengthy time incarcerated for multiple felony convictions, it was an incredibly stupid question. The kid never walked scot free on charges or avoided jail time. The question was a ridiculous insinuation meant to rile the masses. Perhaps if the reporter is looking for some controversy and impropriety, he should start with the state's mental health, criminal justice and private prison systems, instead of trying to concoct some here and interjecting it into an already tragic situation.

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