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Reader: Kyle Orton is a .500 QB -- and Tim Tebow can lead Broncos to playoffs this year

Our post about a possible Kyle Orton trade to the Dolphins amid evidence that fans in Miami love him more than do folks in Denver, sparked a KO versus Tim Tebow debate.

Here's a post from an extremely optimistic reader who's definitely in the Tebow camp.

Tyson writes:

Orton is at best a .500 QB. He was absolutely awful after his awesome start year.

Tebow can't play?????

In the 3 games he did start he did a great job putting points on the board and keeping plays alive with his feet. [Offensive coordinator Mike] McCoy's play-calling was awful, too. He didn't even let Tebow throw a route. It was either a hail mary or a bubble screen. If it wasn't for our lackluster defense last year, he could have been 3-0.

Never put [Aaron] Rodgers and Orton in the same sentence. Orton has accomplished nothing in his years as a starter.... He had a few decent years with the Broncos, but that's it.

Tebow is the answer and you will eat your words after Tebow leads the Broncos to the playoffs this year. COUNT ON IT!

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