!9th and Market, near where Dusten Fischer was stabbed nine times.
!9th and Market, near where Dusten Fischer was stabbed nine times.

Reader: Letting Bars Stay Open Longer Would Decrease Let-Out Violence

Our post about the early morning stabbing of Dusten Fischer in Lodo, around the time when let-out was taking place at nearby bars and clubs inspired a number of readers to discuss how to prevent such violence in the future.  Continue for one person's suggestion, followed by an update from Fischer's GoFundMe page; he's finally left the hospital, but he still faces plenty of challenges before he can achieve a full recovery.

Bengy Martinez writes:This ain't no choir town. And if Denver were smart, they would increase to 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. or make it a 24 hour city. Then you have less people intoxicated or in the streets all at once. In turn, less issues!!!

GoFundMe page update: "Last night 2-14 Dusten was released from the hospital. He is very ready to be home and healing in a more comfortable environment. He still has a very long road to recovery but all things considered he is doing better than anyone could have expected. He still has very little use of his left arm. Keep him in your prayers and keep getting this page out there. He is home but he still needs all the help he can get from us."

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