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Reader: Lewis & Floorwax Are the Reason I'm Happily Married

The outpouring of affection continues for Michael Floorwax, who has announced that he won't be returning to 103.5 The Fox, where he starred as a morning-drive host for more than 24 years, due to health issues. As proof, we offer the following essay, in which a superfan offers a highly detailed history of the Lewis & Floorwax show and reveals that he met his wife listening to the duo. Check out his sometimes wacky, always heartfelt tribute below.

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Ray Gracey writes:

A lifetime of love and dedication: A heartfelt goodbye to the Masters

Well it's hard to believe that after 24 years, it's an end of an era. Being a Colorado native growing up here working with my father painting houses. Listening to radio was our entertainment and talk radio was no exception. For over 30 years I have enjoyed painting.

Before 103.5 the fox and the Masters was Q103 and Jack Reagon which had the dateline which aired on Fridays. My father and I loved radio and painting was our passion and profession. When the 80's left and Q103 singed off an older style era of radio ended and a new era of radio began and the 90's with the Masters came.

They were an immediate success so many radio skits thru the years and guests. Probably my favorites were Bob Barker and the king Richard Petty. Waking up being a morning person radio was the first thing to get turned on and getting informed was very important. They were always there rain or shine. Even in blizzards when I couldn't get to work they were there. I would keep the radio on as if I was at work. Loved the Masters so much that tuning in at 5:00 am to hear the best of was the start of the day. From 5:00 am thru 10:00 am religiously tuning in.

When you listen for so long you develop a love and connection. A dedication if you will. This is the case for me. The show, Rick Lewis and Michael Floorwax became family to me. Some of the skits thru the years were so many but I'll try and list here a few; Even Barney was there along with Mr. Rogers and even Blinkey the clown. Was hard to hear those traffic reports with Al Verleigh cause they would talk over them. Loved those Soundtrack commercials. I remember seeing the TV ad with the large guy dancing by a brick wall listening to the fox with a ghetto blaster very funny. We had the billboards with the awesome ads related to classic rock artists and TV shows.

Loved hearing from Mama Bono and her football picks. They had their adopted dad Dan Reeves. He had to try and keep them in line. These guys even called a Rockies baseball game. They joined the military and got discharged after only one day. There was Bob Stockerman be sure to watch your back, his mom wasn't to far behind though. MP Zemma to many cigarettes affected his voice. Red Snapper always quick to the trigger. Rollie Hills sure hope he took care of that sex addition. Paul Polesmoker Hi how are you? Definitely my favorite always the first to call in. How did he manage to always get thru?

How about Frances, man with all those birds it was hard to hear anything. Austin Powers would stop in for a visit oh behave! There was Anytime Lisa where she would tell us those things we love to hear riding off on a motorcycle and just as she got to the interesting part the phone would cut off. So frustrating. Dr Fhong dog chiropractor was even there. Bong! There was Dr Russ he was the guy in the know. My claim to fame to the show where I even called in once with a question. There were skits with female doctor visits where Rick would use his best female voice and Wax would be the male Dr and use his serious strong man voice. Drunk chick Friday where they would see how long it would take a chick to get drunk but always making sure they had a ride. As the gentleman they are.

Vibro Thursday and this is probably the best bit in radio history. Women would call in and talk about there mechanical friends. There was even Camel Toesday (Tuesday's) where callers would tell about there friends or co workers female toe problems. There was the class president at CU Craven Moorhead man he knew how to party. NLE (near lesbian experience). I knew we all liked this one and those stories were too hot to handle sometimes. Gotta love it when Wax would crinkle up those papers being frustrated. Which later led to a beautiful lesbian wedding.

Swingles (whistle by Wax) where callers would call in looking for someone too hook up with. Always entertaing. Parental Poon where you had to guess the last time your parents stoinked. The X-files hooking up with your x with no commitments. Blow your spouse out of bed where you would use a loud devise waking them up. They of course were hoping for the obvious. We had the pleasure to call in and get stuff off our chests and confide in the masters and get redeemed by them. The wheel world where they rode around in a motorhome interviewing people. How about Woodstock revisited where they fixed up a VW bus and fans drove it down to the concert. The beer man. I remember he had to go on the wagon for a whole week. Boob Zilla came along. Man he had to earn that Harley thru a year of torture.

We had the lost in America bit where they blindfolded him and dropped him off somewhere in the middle of nowhere and he had to find his way home on $20. Now this was radio. Probably my favorite bit. Boob even pierced his nipples. I can still hear those screams. Later we had the race across America where he had to race back in a week. Also boob later had to go to Russia to find a bride classic stuff here. There was rockin' the millennium where the station played the history of rock and all the station participated. We had the bit keep the economy stimulated where they passed out a box to get the ladies going if you know what I mean. Who could forget Lenny Lynn where he chose a wax down below instead of the anal bleaching. Such screaming and so much pain. He probably should of chose the other.

Loved the Survivor series. There was the fat farm. Skinny farm too. Denver's biggest but competition. The nudist ranch. Seniors Olympics. The doop off where callers called in and yelled doop as loud as they could. I still think the guy at the indoor pool should of won. Hang the hampster. Battle of the bands wow such great talent here. They had the Lewis and Floorwax kids foundation. Raising money for all the needy kids. The holidays came and we had the annual Thanksgiving show with the running of the bums where street people competed for prizes. Toys for tots for families less fortunate. The annual Christmas show from Craig hospital. Loved all the stories there very heart warming.

911 came and was so hard to handle they kept us informed every step of the way. I remember painting a bathroom in Parker that morning on the job at 6:15am. Later They had a listener call in that agreed to come in and eat a pair of Kathy Lee's panties. As well a caller that agreed to drink some of her bath water. They always closed the Friday show with Party in my pants. I remember once they forgot to play it so they did it that Monday. Turning the time over to the beautiful Rachel Wild at 10. They even gave her flowers once to brighten her day. They were always extra kind to all the female callers.

As Wax officially ended the show on October 1st 2014 it ended a 24 year and 2 month run!!! The first 2 callers were Mike and Rick in order. The first was very shaken and full of tears as most listeners were I'm sure. One of Waxes last interviews on the show was with Tom Arnold on the 7th of January 2014. I believe his last show was the 10th of that month as well. These guys were the best in the business and will forever play in my memories. I will always miss Lewis and Floorwax. As Reggie McDaniel would say, however and there's always a however in life. I'll always tune in right where I've been for 24 years and even more dating back before the Fox. Although in Perú and on iheart the last 2 years. Same time same station listening to Rick and the new Fox morning show.

I have a special love for the show and a dedication that will live on forever and never end just like my love for my father, wife and family. I met my beautiful wife while listening to the morning show. As this makes the connection even stronger. Being a true Colorado native and hard working individual I know paint and good radio. There's radio and then there's Rick Lewis and Michael Floorwax and now the Fox morning show with Rick Lewis. A step way ahead and a bar so high will never in our lifetimes be matched. Thanks Rick Lewis and Michael Floorwax. You are and always will be my #1 show on the radio and in my heart. I love you!!! A very special thank you to Kathy Lee. She is the best at what she does and has done so much thru the years. And now lets turn the page. God bless and peace to all. Simply your biggest fan.

Ray Gracey

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