Reader: Make Outdoor Pot Grows Legal and STFU About the Smell

Our Thomas Mitchell recently reported about a study showing that the legal marijuana business used over $6 billion in energy during 2015.

The report started a firestorm among our commenters, with many of them pointing out that the energy costs would be substantially diminished if outdoor grows were allowed.

Among them is the following reader, whose take on the topic is both extremely passionate and consistently profane.

Get ready — and be warned.

Adam Johnson writes:

Stupid fuckin lawmakers! People pay power bill, not the state. Make outdoor legal if you're gonna bitch about god damn power. Otherwise shut the fuck up. Ooohhh, but the people will bitch about the smell. Well I took a shit next to you in the bathroom stall and that smelled far worse then the weed in the backyard and no one complained about the shit smell, so shut the fuck up about weed smell in the backyard. Or if you would rather I could come take a shit on your newspaper every morning? Get your delicate pansy ass olfactory stuffed with cotton and quit being a pussy.

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